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Hi-Lok® Tools

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Hi-Lok MJ200 ON-OFF RatchetHi-lok Installation ToolingHi-Lok Ratchets
Pneumatic Hi-Lok Ratchet KitHi-Lok Collar Removal ToolingHi-lok Collar Pliers
Hi-Lok Collar & Splined Nut Socket RemoverHi-lok Cleco DriverHi-Lok Cable
Master Hi-Lok Re-Work Tooling KitNut Plate Installation KitRivet Edge Gauge
Hi-Lok Collar Remove Only RatchetsSmall Hi-lok Collar Pliers
Hi-lok Collar Remove socket

Tools Online is a sample of what M J Suppliers has to offer, if
you don't see anything of interest here, be sure to contact us
for a quote and availability of your specific need. We can find
you the tools you need at the most cost effective price available.

All Hi-Lok® Rachets are Made in the USA




Hi-Lok® On-Off Ratchet MJ200

ON-OFF ratchet 90"lb. 4 1/4" 5 degree off set

Made in the USA




Hi-Lok® Installation Tooling MJ224RK

MJ100R3-3&3/4 Reverse ratchet

MJ300W Combo installation set
sizes 7/16, 3/8, 11/36, 5/16, 1/4 & 7/32

MJ 317 Allen wrench set 3/32, 5/64 & 1/16

MJ1810 1/4" drive socket set
sizes 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 & 9/16

Can be sold as kit or individually.

Made in the USA

hi-lok installation kit



Hi-Lok® Ratchets

MJ440 – 3/8 drive 9 inch 440lbs torque

MJ230 6" 1/4 drive 150"lb torque

MJ220R6 6" 1/4 drive reversible 120"lb torque

MJ220R4 4" 1/4 drive reversible 120"lb torque

MJ100R6 6" 1/4 drive reversible 90"lb torque

MJ200 ON-OFF 5 degree off set 90"lb torque

MJ100R3 3" 3/4 1/4 drive reversible 90"lb torque

MJ100R2 2" 1/4 drive reversible 90"lb torque

Made in the USA

hi-lok roller rachets



Pneumatic Hi-Lok® Ratchet Kit MJ110

7-Installation sockets1/4" drive
7/16, 3/8, 11/32, 5/16, 9/32, 1/4 & 7/32

1- Allen wrench set
3/32, 5/64 &1/16

Hi-Lok collar removal pliers

1- 1/4X3/8 adapter

1-1" 1/4 drive adapter

3- Collar removal sockets -8,-6 &-5 1/4" drive

1- 1/4 drive -10(5/16) collar socket 1/4" drive

1- 1oz bottle "Tool Shield" air tool lubricant

1- 5/64 ends Hi-Lok installation cable (not shown)
In kit form $265.00

Made in the USA

hi-lok Pneumatic Hi-lok


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Hi-Lok® Collar removal Tooling MJ226CR

Kit Includes:

MJ220R6 or R4 6” or 4” reversible ratchet 120”lb. torque ¼ drive

MJ100R6 6” rev. ratchet 90”lb torque

MJ100R3 3&3/4 rev. ratchet ¼” drive 90”lb torque

MJ100R2 2” rev. ratchet ¼ drive 90”lb torque

MJEXT1 1” ¼ drive extension

1 AT3581-5/16 10 collar remove socket

MJ317 Set of 3/32, 5/64 & 1/16 allen wrench

MJ1810 10ea. ¼” drive installation socket 9/16-3/16

MJ311F 8F, 6F, 5F ¼” drive collar remove sockets .700 length

MJ311C 8C, 6C & 5C combo collar remove sockets

MJ2500 Hi-Lok pliers

Durable blk hard case


All Made in the USA

Hi-lok Collar Remover Tooling image




Hi-Lok® Collar Pliers MJ2500
New design, improved, superior, larger grip.




Hi-Lok® Collar and Splined nut Socket
Remover MJ311-6FHD MJ311-8FHD
Collar and splined nut remover 1 ½”X5/8, ¼” drive plus 1/” 6 side hex.

PRC-no problem.

hi-lok collar and splined nut socket remover image




Hi-Lok® Cleco Driver
Cleco Driver MJ350
Quickly install wing nut and 5/16 nut draw clecos
Extra length clecos (no problem)

hi-lok Cleco Driver


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Hi-Lok® Cable MJ322
Super glue the cable end to you Hi-Lok pin. Snake through limited
access holes. Install the nut and secure the pin. Pull the cable and
ready to use again.

Size on tips: 5/64 allen

hi-lok cable mj332




Master Hi-Lok® Re-Work Tooling Kit
43 pieces

Complete line of aircraft re-work drill bars and locating devices. Locks holes to
be reworked preventing drill from wandering. Pivots drill bars that hold drill guides.

Includes vacuum based pivoting drill bar. (sold separately). The drill bar adjusts
forward and backwards over one inch. Air operated pump, works on shop air 90PSI.
Just hook up to an air line and you are ready to go. When used, quick and accurate
rework can be easily done right the first time.

7 pivoting drill bars

2 miniature drill bars

1 advanced drill bar

8 pcs. 1/2" bombsight

8 pcs. 3/4"bombsight

16 pcs. drill bushing set to match bombsight

1 vacuum base pivoting drill bar

image 1 of master hi-lok tooling HL1MKimage 2 of master hi-lok tooling kit HL1MK




MJ500 Nut plate Installation Kit (NEW)
No damage to skin due to rivet gun. A simple pin punch completes the job.
Set up to 16 nut plates at a time. One man operation to increase production.
Consists of 16 round bucking bars assorted hardware to secure bucking bars
and nut plates, 1 punch pin and 1 allen wrench to complete the kit.

Made in the USA

mj500 nut plate installation kit




MJ520 Rivet Edge Gauge 1&1/4” X 3” (NEW)

Place cutout on edge of work and mark correct distance for number 4 & 5 rivet
on one side and number 6 rivet on the other side. Simple and correct.

Made in the USA

mj520 rivet edge gauge 1&1/4" x 3"


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Hi-Lok® Collar Remove Only Ratchets
MJ440 9 inch 3/8 drive 440 inch lb torque.

MJ350 5-3/4 inch 3/8 drive 350 inch lb torque

Hi-lok collar remove only roller rachets image




Small Hi-Lok® Collar Pliers

Small Hi-lok Collar Pliers




Hi-Lok® Collar remove Sockets
Hi-lok Collar removal sockets MJ311-8C, 6C &5C combo with shaft
.325 length, limited access. Will fit ATI, Omega and MJ100R ratchets
ATSK3581- ¼, 3/16 and 5/32 - (5/16 also available)

MJ311 8F, 6F and 5F .700 length with hex ¼” drive

collar remo socket image


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